A little bit of everything. Yet, nothing, the same.

Welcome to Courtney's Not So Crappy Crafts

About Me

Who am I?

I am a curious, impulsive, mother of two . I  won the jackpot when I married my best friend, who is just as silly as I am.. Let's just call him "Super Dad".

      My boys are just 2 years apart. Both were born on a Friday, after work ,at 38 weeks. This is the only convenient thing they have done ,thus far.

This is where their similarities end.They have inherited my husband's loving and compassionate personality.  They also inherited my artistic and unorganized personality. 

God help them, they don't stand a chance! LOL

Things I love

Quiet. I LOVE the quiet....

Hearing nothing but the crinkle of the ribbon and the material I am working with. Unfortunately, it is usually, not to be.  So, in the mean time, I love doing many number of things; I love crochet, wood working and painting,....Any kind of creativity. I especially like to make light fixtures (Who knows why???). 

During the holidays, I am usually buried under deco-mesh and ribbon. And loving every moment of it! At some point, "Super Dad" will state that it looks like "HOBBY LOBBY barfed in here". I always ask him if it bothers him. And, he always answers "No, I love it.".. His patience and sincerity are by far the thing I love the most.


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